Sunday, August 31, 2008

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

IE8, the personal beta

OK all,

Some of the new features of IE8 (Accelerators, Web Slices...) and the fact that it's new is really making me want to participate in a beta. I am fully aware that this could result in a system restore or even worse... but I have to .. bleeding edge right?

I will blog about my experiences with it.. installation, ease of use, crashes, and rendering issues.... feel free to check back for updates on my experience with IE8 Beta 2.

Which cause should we donate to?

Is it bad that I feel more compelled to donate money to polar bears and animal shelters than Ethiopians after watching all these commercials?

You decide. Watch the following videos and you tell me which one you'd rather donate to. I'd probably donate to the animal shelters and anti-cruelty agencies.... that one is sad.

WWF ( - Save the Polar Bears

Sarah McLachlan wants you to save the animals (ASPCA)

I think that all organizations should take notes when they see these videos... they make me want to cry.. haha. If you can find me a sad poverty video or something along those lines, then I will include it to this post.... but these people know how to make a sad video!

Friday, August 29, 2008

M$ has released IE8 Beta 2 for public

Hey everyone! M$ has released IE 8 Beta 2 for public download! Youcan download and test it on your own computer (obviously at your own risk). has done a review on it and posted it at the link below.

Link: Here

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Network Storage for Home

Hey, for anyone looking to network their storage, backup their files automatically over the network, and connect your existing USB hard drives so that investment isn't wasted... Cisco Systems has a device for you at under $100!

Check it out here: Link

Hey, take a synth of that view

Ok. When Microsoft Live Labs launched, I thought it was pretty interesting. You can make 3D models of pretty much anything just by taking a bunch of photos and synthing them together using their FREE photosynth application (Sorry Mac users, Windows/IE only application). I played around for a few taking pictures of my office and a cowboy. I am only 51% on the synth scale so i've got some work to do but you get the point.

View my Office Synth here: Link

Monday, August 11, 2008

iphone kill switch

So Apple does have a kill switch for applications that will kill them right off of your iphone. Interesting. For all the right reasons, apple can kill an app from your iphones, rendering it harmless if it is malicious; however, when does it draw the line at malicious?

Read more here

Want to be invisible? Berkeley is helping

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, say they have created materials that bring them closer to creating invisibility cloaks.

"Scientists hope the research can lead to improved antenna performance, reversing the Doppler effect, higher-resolution optical imaging, nanocircuits for high-powered computers, and, eventually, cloaking devices that could render objects invisible to humans."
Doesn't it always start out as a good idea?

Link here

Sunday, August 3, 2008

In NYC, who keeps the traffic police on their toes... Jimmy Justice

Jimmy Justice does what we'd all like to do when he sees a traffic officer breaking traffic law in New York... busts them on video and reports them to the city. Check out his youtube site here:
Watch Here!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Netflix partners with LG for blu-ray/netflix combo HD player

As we continue to get better, Netflix is now partnering with LG to make a dual blue-ray and netflix streaming media player... this may be an upcoming purchase for my house... leave the xbox downstairs to stream movies and stream them on the high-def tv through the new blu-ray player.. sounds like a good time!

Now, Netflix... it's ur turn to beef up the content on your site! Let's go!