Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sprint Touch Diamond

Ok.. so in a very curious quiet nature, sprint finally has the Touch Diamond. I have been waiting for this for a while and had only thought that maybe they'd have the diamond by the end of this year or beginning of next year.

Check out or for more details on the diamond.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

XBOX 360 Issues Revealed

Ok. So the first time I received the 'red ring of death' on my XBOX 360, I was very upset. I didn't know what to think besides being angry at Microsoft. When I found out that they covered it under warranty, I was thrilled. The second time I received the 'red ring of death' on my XBOX 360, I was pissed. I now own my third XBOX 360, replaced twice by M$. The only good thing about this is that they keep extending the warranty for the XBOX red ring issue. They admit to the problem and openly replace consoles that are having this issue. I respect that.

Here's a great article on why the XBOX 360 had issues: In short, there were many issues with heat sinks, cheap chips, and improper testing which is all identified by M$ memos and actions.

Click here for the story, including an in-depth report if you really want to see it! Link

Monday, September 1, 2008

IE What? Firefox What? Announcing Google Chrome

Ok. So I started testing IE8 and was pleased with all of the new features (visible to the end user). I also saw that it rendered pages much quicker and the IE7 browser and even faster than Firefox for the pages I tested (feel free to ask which ones).

Then, it hit me. I decided that Firefox 3.1 is much more customizable and works better than IE on many many sites so I switched. I have the same features (webchunks insteak of webslices, auto complete, etc) and don't have as many compatibility issues. And I was happy with it.

Now, Google announced (in comic book form), Google Chrome. This new browser, yes web browser, is built from the ground up to be more secure, faster, and better than any browser out there. It's completely open source to the extent that you can take their browser and make it what you want (much like Firefox). The beta version of Chrome comes out tomorrow (9-2) and I will be testing it! I'm not sure I've been this excited about a web browser in a while....

Long story short, I ceased my IE8 testing at this point. I'm playing the field a bit more before I decide on a favorite browser.

Link to Official Google Blog: Here

Link to Slashdot's review of Google Chrome: Here

Link to Google Chrome: Here (not available until 9-2-08.)