Saturday, August 30, 2008

Which cause should we donate to?

Is it bad that I feel more compelled to donate money to polar bears and animal shelters than Ethiopians after watching all these commercials?

You decide. Watch the following videos and you tell me which one you'd rather donate to. I'd probably donate to the animal shelters and anti-cruelty agencies.... that one is sad.

WWF ( - Save the Polar Bears

Sarah McLachlan wants you to save the animals (ASPCA)

I think that all organizations should take notes when they see these videos... they make me want to cry.. haha. If you can find me a sad poverty video or something along those lines, then I will include it to this post.... but these people know how to make a sad video!


chuck said...

thanks for making me sad.

Jase said...

They are sad! The Polar Bears, things seem to heat up in the video