Thursday, May 22, 2008

Apple users, welcome to the pc world...

Apple users are finding out that they are not all prevented from getting viruses (as many misinformed Apple users have spouted in the past). I'd like to offer you a warm welcome to the real world ;-)

Link: Information Week News Article

Netflix Users get a new way to view, on your TV instantly!

Hey, for all of you netflix subscribers... now you can instantly watch netflix movies on your TV... purchase a $100 box from Roku and you can schedule movies to be available on your set top box for FREE!

Links: Roku's Netflix Player/

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

HTC Unveils it's newest Touch.... Diamond

The HTC Diamond is stunning to the eye, incorporates the latest Windows 6.1 mobile, is an all touch phone, and is coming to Sprint EVDO Rev. A later this year! What more???? It looks like i'll be making a change to a new phone early next year :-)