Sunday, April 14, 2013

Copying your emails from Google Apps custom domain to custom domain

For those who decided to leave Google Apps free and head towards free service, this article is intended to help you migrate your old emails from your Google Apps account to your account.

Why is this needed?

Simple, Outlook, webmail, and Windows 8 app do not let you copy your emails from one service to another.

Microsoft provides a service to copy emails from Gmail to if you use their default domains ( and for example); but not if you use custom domain names (

Before you get started

I am assuming that you have already set up your email custom domain in and have access to both email accounts.  I may throw another article together soon for how to get started with your personal domain on

Here's how to do it:

  1. Download and install Windows Live Essentials 2012.
  2. Add your Google Apps (IMAP) account and your custom domain account to Windows Live Essentials Mail.
  3. In your Google Apps inbox, select all emails (or selectively select if you're into that) and right-click, click Copy to and choose your folder of choice.
  4. Sit back and let the copy happen.


Others have set up temporary mailboxes (backup mailboxes) so they can compare email counts, feel free to do this.

Hope this helps!



Unknown said...

Hello, followed your instructions, copied them on folder in window live mail, but it only appears if i use windows live mail, it doesnt appear in my mail box on, what can i do to solver this

JWeeks said...


I'd recommend making sure that your Windows Live Mail is configured to access your email via IMAP and then make sure you are copying the content to the correct folder (mailbox). Then, give your computer time to upload the content up to

(I haven't tested this in a while. I only guess it still works like this).