Sunday, April 5, 2009

Check these out April

It's been a while; but here I go.

Here's my top three for April for Check These Out.

1. ooVoo (click here to visit
ooVoo is a great video messaging tool; but it is much more than that. Besides the fact that you can download the ooVoo client and have live video conferences with 1-3 people (yes, I said more than 1!) for free, you can also have your own personal web video chat room, your own personal web conference room (controlled entry, etc), and a whole lot of fun with family/friends around the world.

SplitCam - Video Clone Software
SplitCam - Freeware Video Clone Software
2. SplitCam (click here to download)
This is a great application for web-cam users. It allows you to add a new virtual splitcam device to your computer (done via installation) so you can use your camera in multiple applications (chat programs, streaming tools, etc). Also, it will allow you to choose your desktop as the video input stream. This means that you can share your desktop with any application that uses webcams (i.e. for presentations or demonstrations). Check it out!

3. UStream (click here to check it out)
Ever dream of having your own live broadcast on the internet without having to have all of that complicated video equipment and/or servers all for free... well I didn't either, but I found this and it's so easy to use and fun that I may start streaming some goofy shows. Best part, through ooVoo (beta) you can stream your ooVoo video conference over UStream... for say a panel of experts or goofballs producing some funny content all in a video chat room broadcasted live to the web.

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