Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sony OLED Technology Looking Promising

What is this? OLED is Organic Light-emitting Diode technology. Many vendors are beginning to market their device: Sony, Samsung, and LG to start. Sony, however, has launched a 27-inch version that is 3mm thick and can do 1Million:1 contrast ratio in 1080p! This will definitely change the way displays can be used.
Check out the video yourself:

Also, Laser TV (using lasers as the backlight) is said to be 30-40% cheaper than plasma and show twice the color spectrum.
Check it out here:

And yet again, 3D TV (currently by samsung) may be a new way to watch 3D movies in your own home.
Check out the link:

Check it out! Very great technology on the horizon awaiting a cheaper way to mass produce and a consumer base to buy them.

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