Sunday, July 27, 2008

Amazon's E-Book may replace Newsweek Magazine Print

Imagine this:
Wake up on Sunday morning, your coffee is automatically brewed, your TV has recorded your local news, and your Amazon Kindle player has downloaded your latest Newsweek newspaper and is ready to be read.

That's right, maybe the last newspaper you have to purchase is around the corner. Over wifi (let's face it if you don't have wifi in your home by now... skip this article), you can download your paper and even soon books (surely from to your new player and read them at home.

I think the key to this project being successful is making it as tangible as possible and make the reading easy on the eyes. I don't know why people don't just get a computer for their news but hey, i guess it's nice to pick up a paper in the morning and hold it in your hands...


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chuck said...

Kindle = ick. Too bulky and clumsy. (BTW, it uses Sprint's EVDO, not WiFi, for downloads which is it's most clever and innovative feature.) The real deal will be when pliable, paper-thin screens are put into mass production. Then you'll be able to download your newspaper to a device with a newspaper format. Killer.